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Knox boat fishing club

A fishing club where people get together to discuss where to fish, how to fish, and then we catch them.

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For all members: This is Member Acknowledgement.  Please read and select "Yes I agree" on your profile


I acknowledge and confirm that I will be bound by the rules of K.B.F.C. Inc. (the Club) and I acknowledge that I partake in any activity whatsoever arranged by the Club solely at my own risk and after due consideration of the risk  involved  to  me  or  my  family  members  or  my  guests  in  any  such  activity.  In  consideration  of  the  Club accepting my application for membership renewal, I indemnify the Club from and against all claims, damages, costs or losses that may be claimed or awarded against it resulting from any personal injury or loss to me/s or my  family  members  or  of  any  of my  guests  or  to  any  property  of mine  or  of my  guests  arising  from  any  such activity.  I  acknowledge  that  it  is  a  condition  of  membership  that  before  I  can  partake  of  any  boating  activity arranged by the club that I must produce a policy of insurance confirming my craft is covered for public liability insurance. I confirm that all details shown on the Membership Application are correct.

0417 400 150

Schultz Reserve
Wantirna, Vic

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